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Smart Logistices Solution

SCG Skills Development within SCG Group.  The company provides services to select and resources according to the needs of customers. And develop the capability of resources for customers in both the SCG and Non-SCG (general customers) groups such as Thai Packaging Industry Public Co.,Ltd., AIS etc. Customers can select and interview staff by themselves.

Goal is to be leader in a variety of services to meet the needs and have standardized management for sustainable service. The service details are as follows

  1. Truck driver service
    Provides 6-18 wheel truck driver service for customers who need. To transport goods or other raw materials.
  2. Warehouse staff service
    Provides warehouse staffing services. Which is divided into Worker, Checker and Forklift Driver for customers who need employees in the warehouse. 
  3. Executive driver service
    Provides executive driver services for customers who need drivers for executives in departments or organizations. 
  4. SCG Express service
    Provides driver transportation services such as pickup trucks and motorcycles for SCG Express.
  5. Car rental and Driver service
    Provides car rental and Driver services for customers in need. Which has a variety of cars such as Altis, Camry, Ventury, Benz etc.
  6. Admin and Staff service
    Provides staff allocation services for agencies or organizations. That needs employees according to desired positions.

Which the company has the standard of service as follows

1. Employee service standards 

  • Pass a criminal background check.
  • Pass the health examination.
  • Passed Safe Driving Training (SDC) and Service Mind before starting work.
  • There is a safe driving training every year from SCG Skills School.

2. Car service standards 

  • Vehicles must have legal standards and SCG standards. For example, a van must have a 3-point Belt.
  • Service vehicles have a service life of no more than 5 years and are in safe operating conditions.
  • There is a daily check of vehicle readiness (Diary Check).
  • Vehicle inspection and maintenance standards are provided for both short and long term service users.
  • Every car has insurance and a GPS camera to detect signals.

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    Industry Solution

    SCG Logistics provides a stop service solution for customers, we have expertise in providing logistics services in many industries to both SCG customers and Non-SCG Customers. Logistics activities will be customized according to the needs of customers and products. Because we understand that each product is different must need different logistics processes as well.

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