Fulfillment Solution

Fulfillment Solution of SCG Logistics

Warehouse Moving Service
SCG Logistics offers Warehouse Moving service to transfer customer’s products into SCG Logistics Warehouse Facilities.

Inbound : From current warehouse to SCG Logistics Facilities

1. Standard Moving Service

  • All products must be packed, by customers, ready for moving
  • We will pick up, transport, sort and put your products to their storage locations in our warehouse, ready for your operation requests

2. Packing + Moving Service

  • We will come in and pack all your products for you at you warehouse and transfer them to be sorted and stored in our warehouse, ready for your operation requests.

2.1) Normal packing

  • All products are packed into boxes Quantity are counted by the number of boxes

2.2) Barcode packing

  • Products are packed into boxed using a barcode system to record and assign individual items in to specific boxes for a more accurate stock transfer process.
  • Barcodes and data to be provided by customers
  • Requires specific barcode on each individual products

3. Special Case Moving Service

  • Short term storage – for customer who requires short term storage plan
  • Online 1 day – offer moving solution for online shops where online sales activities do not have to be stopped (may delay shipment to end customers) by connecting with our Fulfillment service – normally completed within 1 day. Service availability depends on the nature and volume or product to be transferred.
Fulfillment Solution provides packing customization


In addition to the standard Fulfillment service that we provide for our professional services, We also pay attention to providing services like customization to create a special  experience for your customers.

• Product QC before goods receive – each type of product has different QC methods which the shop can inform us how you want us to QC your product, such as unpacking the product to check for stain, thread breakage, scratched color, incomplete composition etc.

• Special product packing before delivery – adds value to your product for more value, such as Special packing, product setting, re-packaging, special cushioning, cleaning before sending, gift wrapping, attaching card, bowing for Products on various special occasions or organize baskets.

Fulfillment Solution provides import - export service


With this Fulfillment service, customers are able to expand their online sales markets overseas, especially in China where SCG Logistics can deliver your products to the customer’s front door.  With the Cross Border E-Commerce policy of China that was created to facilitate to both Chinese buyers and foreign sellers by providing some privileges.

Fulfillment Solution provides e-commerce enable

E-Commerce Enable

E-commerce enabler is a good answer for business owners who have brands and products, but do not have an understanding of online businesses. We will provide advice and facilitate to selling your products and brand presentations via many online channels as well as business planning and online marketing strategies by our e-commerce professional team.

  • Store Design Optimization
    Creating a beautiful storefront on an online business is as important as an offline storefront. Store Design Optimization service will help you make impress storefront which can attract customers to spend more time in your store. Enjoy shopping and allure to click to buy easily
  • CS Experience
    Interacting with customers is important. Should not be overlooked. Therefore, having a customer service team answering customer questions all the time In which customers don’t have to wait a long time for respond will give customers a good experience and have more chances to re-order.
  • Campaign Visibility
    Establishing various promotional activities based on information will help the store campaigns become more powerful than ever Including increasing sales And creating strong brand awareness
  • Online Marketing
    Every digital marketing activity you know, we have a professional team that will select and create a format and channel suitable for your brand, your budget to make online marketing the target group and the most worthwhile
  • Livestream
    Livestream is a form of joint activity between brands and customers. In addition to being able to generate more sales Also helps customers to have more brand loyalty

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    Industry Solution

    SCG Logistics provides a stop service solution for customers, we have expertise in providing logistics services in many industries to both SCG customers and Non-SCG Customers. Logistics activities will be customized according to the needs of customers and products. Because we understand that each product is different must need different logistics processes as well.

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