Fulfillment Service

Focus on your Selling & Marketing and let we take care of your operation ( Stock – Pack – Ship ) Fulfillment by SCG Logistics , One-stop fulfillment service for all size products for online merchants, SMEs and enterprises

Fulfilment Service by SCG Logistics

Order Management

You can send orders to the warehouse via 3 channels. Include

  • You can use either on a computer, mobile phone or tablet to Key order in to the Fulfillment system.
  • Uploading excel files to the Fulfillment system in the event that there are a lot of order.
  • API 

The API can connect to various systems, such as MARKET PLACE (Shopee, Lazada, JD Central), WEBSITE or ERP systems, allowing to receive order information at all sales channels. And update the remaining stocks back to that system in real-time

Fulfillment service of SCG Logistics provides API System,


Our warehouse is located in an area that is easy to connect with factories and suppliers, managing products on standardized systems, have a strict security and complete with CCTV covering the entire warehouse. Therefore can be confident that your products will be kept very well We also have insurance for lost and damaged products. Or you can choose to store the product in a temperature controlled room

Our storage is divided by SKU such as type, model, color, size, LOT, or even expiration date in detail. And managed on the accurate WMS system and real time update, which will enable customers to easily use on websites, can check stock anywhere, anytime Including product planning, inventory management, too.

SCG Logistics' Fulfillment service provides stock management


Although we are able to receive orders from many sales channels But you can be sure that the order will be handled systematically and professionally as follows

  • Barcode systems are used to store products. And specify locations Will help pick the product accurately
  • When finished picking Process, Products will be delivered to the Pack station. Our staff will scan order barcode to check the accuracy and completeness of the product again before packing it.
  • Value-added products And create a wonderful experience purchase come true by ordering special product packages such as bubble wrap, bow tie, attached discount coupons ,specify the color of the shredding, gift setting, labeling, etc. as needed.
  • CCTV cameras on the pack station will detect while the staff pack all of order. Enabling merchants to monitor the number and quality of its history. Prevent problems when customers receive products
  • There is a time stamp at every station. The activity allows you easy to check the status of the preparation and tracking the delivery of each order in real time.
Delivery by SCG Express


Transportation can support all forms to suit every aspect of the store’s business, whether domestic transportation. Import-export, both B2B and B2C, including on-demand express delivery. Merchants can track shipping status from Tracking numbers on all channels.

SCG Logistics' Fulfillment service provides data analytics system


Our fulfillment service provides you all information include customer information, product information and order information which are collected for customers to be able to manage inventory, plan sales management, create marketing campaign or promotions, anytime anywhere and reduce opportunities loss.

price calculation

We have created this form to calculate the price of this service. allowing you to easily plan and control the cost of the business, the service fee is only calculated using the standard price and does not deduct any discounts or promotions in any way The price is shown may change when using the actual service.

หมายเหตุ: พื้นที่ 1 ลูกบาศก์เมตร คือ 1 x 1 x 1 เมตร หรือ 100 x 100 x 100 เซนติเมตรหรือประมาณ 1 pallet



quotation form

This questionnaire is for the SCG Logistics team to provide information and offer the best service to customers.
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    Industry Solution

    SCG Logistics provides a stop service solution for customers, we have expertise in providing logistics services in many industries to both SCG customers and Non-SCG Customers. Logistics activities will be customized according to the needs of customers and products. Because we understand that each product is different must need different logistics processes as well.

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    ชื่อกล่อง ขนาด (เซนติเมตร) ราคากล่อง (บาท) ราคาบับเบิ้ล (บาท)
    Envelope ซองเอกสาร ขนาดไม่เกิน A3 5 0
    Polymer Bag (M) 28x36 cm 5 0
    Polymer Bag (L) 31x44 cm 5 0
    ขนาด 0 11×17×6 cm 2.99 2
    ขนาด 0+4 16.7×10.5×9.3 cm. 3 2
    ขนาด AA 13×17×7 cm 4 2
    ขนาด A 14×20×6 cm 5 3
    ขนาด 2A 14×20×12 cm 5 3
    ขนาด B 17×25×9 cm 5 3
    ขนาด 2B 17×25×18 cm 6 3
    ขนาด C 20×31×11 cm 8 6
    ขนาด D 25×35×14 cm 10 8
    ขนาด E 24×40×17 cm 11 11
    ขนาด F 31×36×13 cm 16 11
    ขนาด ฉ 30×45×22 cm 18 12
    ขนาด G 31×36×26 cm 18 15
    ขนาด H 41×45×35 cm 30 24