Business Solution

Because logistics is not just shipping products. Therefore, if there is no understanding of logistics activities can lead to increased costs. At the same time, if we can optimize those activities, your business will be more cost-effective as well. For this reason, SCG Logistics is constantly striving to develop services and find new solutions and technologies to meet our customers' needs. We improve services to be more than a logistics company but including logistics and supply chain consulting and IT system development for our customers In order to increase their competitiveness and grow sustainably together.

Software Service

Software Service is the new service of SCG Logistics Management in the Digital Solution for logistics business. The company has begun to use the core systems for internal using OMS (Order Management System), TMS (Transportation Management System) & Optimization, WMS (Warehouse Management System), Driver Application (POD – Proof On Delivery), GPS, Track & Trace, Control Tower Including various technologies, such as Chatbot, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation). The company recognizes the importance of using technologies to improve our logistics services. Meanwhile, the technologies that have introduced not only has the benefit of logistics companies. But it also benefits other companies in many industries.

Service Detail

1). Digital Solution Services in Core Platform 

  1. Transportation Management System (TMS)
    – System that help to manage transportation jobs consists of customer order management, shipment creation, tendering, shipment acceptance and shipment matching between order and truck supply.
  2. Queuing
    – System that help to manage queue to receive product at origin (origin services).
  3. Chatbot
    – Software application that simulation human conversation through text chat used to automatically conduct in Line application
  4. Mobile Application
    – Transportation Mobile Application consists of Customer application (application to help customer in real-time transportation status tracking), Driver application (application to help driver in delivery confirmation), Carrier application (application to help carrier in own driver management) and Safety application (application to help driver in driver readiness and truck readiness checking).

2). Digital Solution Services in Software Automation (RPA , Workflow , Chatbot)

– Software automation platform that developed by SCG Logistics to support Order to Cash and Purchase to Pay chain.

Why Digital Solution by SCG Logistics?

  • One Stop Service Digital Platform in Logistics including after sales service.
  • Expertise in business and IT in the transportation industry.

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    Industry Solution

    SCG Logistics provides a stop service solution for customers, we have expertise in providing logistics services in many industries to both SCG customers and Non-SCG Customers. Logistics activities will be customized according to the needs of customers and products. Because we understand that each product is different must need different logistics processes as well.

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