SCG-L’s Digital Platform Development To Boost Productivity


SCG-L is no exception when it comes to making adjustments to reflect changes in logistics trend and enhancing its customer care and services.

At the even entitled “Supply Chain Mania” held last October 31, Mr. Phaithun Chiranantarat, SCG Logistics Managing Director, gave a summary of the company’s operations and plans with the aim to enhance its customer care and services.  As for this year, the emphasis has been on our role as Next Gen logistics service provider based on the working theme which is Next Gen in Action.  The objectives are to summarize what we have actually accomplished with reference to what we promised last year which was to provide our customers with quality services.  Let’s review the highlights of our In Action mission so far.

Digital Platform in Action

With the influence of various technologies that have caused the change in customer behavior, we cannot afford to stick with the traditional or conventional way of doing things but have to strive for utmost customer convenience and user-friendliness, which is the reason why SCG Logistics’ development program has been enhanced by the use of technologies as a means to boost productivity.

1. Chatbot: Instead of having to contact our Call Center or send an e-mail to AE for an update on the status of their freight and delivery date, our customers can now communicate with our chatbot via LINE application which they all know and are familiar with.  This not only proves to save time as they previously had to wait for information from our staff but also enables them to ask questions and get immediate answers thanks to AI efficiency.  More importantly, the chatbot is getting more intelligent as time goes by thanks to the machine learning system which enables it to know the potential customer needs and present the potential, future customer demand.  In other words, not only can customer demand be more swiftly met but the feeling of friendly communication can also be retained.

SCG Logistics Chatbot Process

2. RPA (Robotic Process Automation): The use of robots in the computer system not only enhances the work process with distinct procedural systems  but also makes it possible to work round the clock with high accuracy rate.  Statistics show that 1 RPA unit can replace three humans in terms of productivity.

3. OCR (Optical Character Recognition): As confusing as the name of the system can be, this is similar to accessing your iPhone via a fingerprint scan or facial recognition system.  In the context of logistics, however, this should be more easily understood for everyone.  OCR plays a role in the area of data reading in trucks and containers, e.g. licence plates and codes on containers due to swiftness and accuracy, while reducing human errors at the stage of data entry keying which, in turn, helps enhance work efficiency.

SCG Logistics OCR

4. Truck Buddy: The Digital Matching Platform was innovated by SCG Logistics to boost flexibility in the area of service provision by matching customer demand (customers looking for trucks) with supply (logistics operators having trucks available and seeking jobs for their trucks as a means to earn their income).  This not only benefits customers whose logistics needs are met as desired but also enables direct freight tracking via the Truck Buddy application.  As for logistics operators, this is beneficial as they can effectively use their trucks which, otherwise, will have to remain stationary.

SCG Logistics Truck Buddy Application

All these activities reflect our intention to upgrade the quality of service provision for the customers’ satisfaction and Deliver You Success, as promised.  Such development will continue and in our next episode we will inform you more about our future development plan.  Don’t miss it.

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References and photos: Blog.SCG Logistics

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