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Bangkok: November 10th, 2016 – SCG Logistics, the leading provider of full freight services, domestic and internationally, catered an Open House event to welcome rising star businessmen from Saim Commercial Bank (SCB) to participate in the SCB Young Entrepreneur Program – YEP, Class 21; Subject “Logistics – The Key Success Factor in Business”, and share hindsight expertise on how to advance Supply Chain Management, effectively, based on strong technological foundations of complete monitoring, tracking and control systems. The vision promotes advanced Supply Chain Management as the key success factor behind a business competitiveness and profitability. The event was held at a strategic geographical location, the Central Distribution Center (CDC) in Wang Noi, Ayutthaya.

Daily activity included the opening lecture by Mr. Udon Kongkakhate, SCG-L Marketing and Sales Director, on the subject “Business Development Strategy: New Business-Consolidation Model”, covering SCG-L history, the broader picture on logistics operations, and business development based on breakthrough business modules such as “Consolidated platforms for Next-Day Nationwide” that, aside from catering to Business to Business (B2B) small lot size parcels, also supports Business to Consumer (B2C) e-commerce small to medium enterprises (SMEs), effectively. Next-Day Nationwide success stories were shared with SCG Group strategic partners and customers alike, as well as freight transport operations to leading super Department Stores. After the lecture, participants had the opportunity to walkthrough SCG’s AS-RS Automation System warehouse with fully integrated logistics modern equipment and apparatuses that manages transport professionally, on a regular basis.

SCG-L continues to innovate practical knowledge and technology that inspires new applications, optimizes business operations and therefore propels the region in to the future, progressively.  

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