Electronic Business

Electronic Business

The world keeps spinning faster and faster, changes happened every day. Technology plays an important role and affects our lifestyle, resulting in new materials, equipment, and techniques in the fields of smart technology, electronics, and electrical appliances including smart devices and accessories for every industry. Causing these industries are continuously growing.

In order to drive demand and supply in line with consumer demand in this era, which attach importance to fast response, convenience, and care. Therefore, logistics processes (of logistics solutions) will play a very important role in meeting those needs. In order to create an advantage and increase business competitiveness. 

With our experience in the logistics business for over 20 years, SCG Logistics is able to fulfill those needs by providing end-to-end logistics solutions through our well-designed services and effective team as follow:

  1. Domestics Transportation
    1. Full-Truck-Load Transportation: our fleet management is diverse, suitable for the condition of the electronic products that need to be delivered (Flexible & Scalable)
    2. Consolidate Transportation: which can deliver your products in 2 different options
      1) lead time delivery, and 2) next day delivery
  2. Micro-Warehouse Management that can be more than just a warehouse but also
    1. order receiving management
    2. stock management: we have many storage types that suit your products and requirement 
    3. Product picking and packing management
  3. After-sales service: due to the electronic equipment and electrical appliance market is changing rapidly. To ensure the best service to customers and meet their needs. SCG Logistics, therefore, focus on the continuous improvement of the service through the collaboration project which considered to be a commitment we give to our customers.   

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