Cold Chain Business

Cold Chain Business

Now a days, in the segment of Food & Beverage; meat products, fruits and vegetables, seafood, ready to eat, soft drinks and dairy products are growing up continuously in Thailand. And, due to this business growth the need for Logistics is also increasing. Moreover, the logistics without control temperature can not keep the product quality same as logistics with temperature control.

Therefore, SCG Logistics collaborated with Nichirei Logistics which is the number one service provider of Cold Chain Logistics in Japan. Nichirei Logistics provides Cold Storage with various temperatures (Seamless logistics solution) to improve and maintain the quality of the products and also to reduce products from getting damaged. To add on, it also protects the products from contamination (Food Safety) in every process from Manufacturing, Logistics (Transportation), Cold Storage and to end customers to get full confidence from the customers/clients.

SCG Nichirei Logistics is using high technologies and innovations to manage the logistics part and storage management to maintain the quality and reduce contamination. It provides total solutions such as:

  • Cold Storage Service to keep the freshness of the products. There are 2 temperature controls which are; Chill (+2°C) – (+4°C) and Frozen which is lower than (-18°C). Apart from that, the customers/clients can: 
  • Real time check stock inventory 
  • Control Intake – Outtake including Sub-lot, Lot, Expiry Date, FIFO and so on.
  • Transportation control temperature 
  • Real time temperature check
  • Temperature control report
  • Custom clearance 
  • Pick & pack
  • Freezing service 
  • Thawing service 
  • Packing 

Moreover, SCG Nichirei Logistics is still improving and giving importance to Quality and Foods Safety which is the reason why the company got the standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Product), Establishment number 257. It can export fully cooked frozen chicken and raw material frozen chicken to Europe and Japan. SCG Nichirei Logistics also got the Global Standard of BRC for Storage and Distribution issue 3: A grade to upgrade the quality of services of the exporter and expand the market abroad and domestically for Chill products and Frozen foods as well.

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