Chemicals & DG Products

Chemicals & DG Products

The services provided for Chemicals & DG products are based on the customer’s demands, referring to the research on the logistics area through analysis on the aspect the company can provide total logistics solution to serve the clients.

For example 

1. Coordinate with many related parties to export products. Our institute offers a one-stop service in the transportation field and coordinate with the customs in transferring, storing, and reserving shipment through the sea with the process from inspection, shipping until products arriving at the seaport.

2. Minimize the capital in transporting: Manage the transport model that suits the products and trade routes. For example to change the transportation type from 6 wheels trucks to 10 wheels trucks in order to help customer minimize their capital in transporting.

3. Provide storages that locate in the Lamchabang district. This allows customers to decrease their capital in transporting and reduce the lacking of containers in storing export goods. Also, reduce the error cause
by overdue restoration.

4. Reduce the work process and document collection. The department has developed a program with the IT team to offers convenience for the customers. From order collecting until delivering purchase order (PO) that signed electronically when received shipment (Proof of Delivery). Every process made through the online system in order to reduce the use of paper and receiving instant information. Moreover to prevent the loss of documents.

5. The standard of drivers and devices in order to handle Chemicals & DG Products. All drivers must go through standard training, which improves their ability regularly and capability of problem-solving in the case of an emergency. Also, the devices installed in the car are prompt for emergency situations.

Raw materials of Chemicals & DG Products

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