SCG Logistics is the Logistics and Supply Chain Service Provider. We have a logistics service to serve a customer in cement and related products industry. With our experience in logistics segment and extensive transportation network, we ensures that we are able to provide services all types of transport for various customers who are Cement manufacturers , Foundries , Distributors and General customers.

  • Providing Full Truck Load distribution service with more than 2,500 transportation vehicles covering all over the country.
  • Providing Export service for cement product. 
  • Providing Cross border transportation services covering all borders (Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar) including transport across borders to destination by collaborating with SCG Logistics team based in ASEAN.
  • Providing One-stop service for custom clearance to provide greater convenience for our customer to distribute products to other country.
  • Providing warehouse service in various area cover all over the country with efficient inventory management system.
  • Providing Multimodal transport service for bulk cement by using water transportation to distribution point and then distributing by truck to destination. “We can reduce CO2 emission and improve efficient transport capacity”

In addition, in current situation, the needs of customer have changed. Small-lot size of product order and retail segment tend to grow. SCG Logistics has continuously developed our logistics services for our customer needs including continuously increasing efficiency for transport by using Digital Technology.

  • Providing small-lot size delivery by Multi Pick and Multi Drop model to increase flexibility for our customer. 
  • Providing customer application for monitoring order status in real-time including using Driver application which our customers are able to sign in our software providing data in the system. “We can reduce using paper including reducing global warming as well”.

SCG Logistics is still continuously developing our service and solution for our customer including still maintaining safety ISO39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System standard to ensure your cargo will be delivered to destination safely. 

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