Building Materials Products

Building Materials Products

Steel industry considered as the main industry of the country in the supply chain system of the various industries. Which is a fundamental factor in national development such as the construction industry automotive industry and the packaging industry, etc. For steel products will be transported from the source to the destination in different regions that is the location of steel makers, steel traders and various industries. Of domestic steel consumers Road transport is commonly used by 22-wheel trucks because of the advantages of short travel times compared to other modes of transport but there are limitations transportation costs may be quite high. And has the most fuel consumption but these problems will go away. But SCG Logistics is able to operate from the origin to the destination, it can be said that you can control the cost of transportation of steel products to you quite well.

Building material industry is an important upstream industry of the construction sector and real estate in Thailand which most thai manufacturers will be middle and minor can be divided into stores of traditional building materials which focuses on selling basic construction materials according to the needs of customers within the area and nearby and modern building materials stores will focus on using modern technology there is a complete range of construction materials to choose from in one place, from basic construction materials, repairing / decorating materials to furniture. And expanding branches to support new customers in Bangkok and other provinces. For these reasons, SCG Logistics have variety of delivery methods which can fulfill your needs and solve your problems.

Mode of transportation with Steel & Building Materials products

For mode of transportation our business unit has developed a continuous model. In order to respond to the needs of today’s customers and to increase the ability to compete for customers including expanding the market to support business growth examples mode of transportation include

Direct Shipment is the export of goods according to the purchase orders of the destination customers both in Thailand and abroad for current transportation will provide services for the flatbed trailer group type for steel products and the four-wheel vehicles, six-wheel vehicles, and container vehicles for building material products most of which are full trucks (FTL : Full Truck Load).

Transport for Small Lot is the transportation of products in various forms to be able to increase the ability to compete for customers, such as the bus model  with emphasis on receiving – sending many products is a point in the same route as a bus, Multi-pick/Multi drop model modes of delivery which will focus on the same product, Uber Taxi model with the emphasis on depositing the goods with the main transportation.

Bus Model

bus transportation model for building materials products

Multi-pick Model

multi-pick transportation model for building materials products

Multi drop Model

multi-drop transportation model for building materials products

Uber Taxi

uber taxi transportation model for building materials products

Why you choose Steel & Building Materials Business?

So if you’re looking for an experienced, reliable partner for your steel and building materials transportation and logistics, we’d be happy to help and ready to support you all.

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