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Logistics is a fast growing industry. Companies are beginning to establish departments specifically to manage logistics. Interest in the profession is also rising. However, not everyone can become a successful logistics professional, as the work requires a unique skill set and qualities. Here are the main four qualities of a successful logistics professional:
  1. Knowledge: A deep knowledge of the activities involved in the logistics process allows the person to truly understand the problem, see the same vision as the customer, and solve the problems for them. Learning can be done not only from text books, but from discussions or exchanging ideas and experiences with other logistics professionals.
  2. Skills: A successful logistics professional needs to have management skills in several areas. They need to be visionary, a leader, an initiator of new ideas, and a person who’s adept at change management which might be a result of restructuring the logistics process to be more efficient. They also must be skilled at coaching, not just giving orders. Lastly, a problem-solving skill is also a must.
  3. Personal attributes: the most important attribute is accountability. This is followed by assertiveness, an ability to work as part of a team as logistics professionals often have to coordinate across several organizations. He or she must possess exceptional self-control as often times, there is a tremendous amount of pressure involved in the work. The other important attributes are good interpersonal skills and an eagerness to constantly learn new things.
  4. Continuous improvement: a successful logistics professional must be able to continuously improve themselves, by eliminating things that are wasteful and bring no benefits.
The development of logistics personnel requires improvements of their professional capabilities, their personalities, and their thought processes, which is an important factor in logistics management. “It is not difficult to find people with good skills, but it’s more difficult to find people with a good heart.” Logistics operators not only need to put in place a sound business plan, but also  solid human resources development plan in anticipation of the free trade agreements between countries in the future.
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