Thai tuk-tuk ready for global domination

Who would have thought?? The tuk-tuks we see zooming by on our streets here in Bangkok will become a transportation of choice for a trek around the globe!!! It might sound crazy but it is true. The project is by 3 French students at Mahidol University who came up with the cool idea to drive the tuk-tuk all the way back to their home country.
One of the students said that he loves the tuk-tuk as it can take him anywhere quite comfortably and conveniently, so he came up with the idea to use a tuk-tuk to drive across continents back to Toulouse, France. The tuk-tuk is completely eco-friendly, powered by electricity and solar, in line with the university’s Pilgreens project which encourages the use of clean energy and electric vehicles.
The cross-continent driving mission will last between June 10 and October 10, 2015. The students will be driving the eco-friendly tuk tuk through several countries across continents, starting from Bangkok, then Laos, China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, Turkey, before entering Europe. They will be driving through rough terrains at times, so they have to take into consideration potential problems such as the tuk tuk running out of power or lack of accommodation along the way. A big challenge for them is to complete the journey within 120 days, or they might risk running into bad weather.
Don’t forget to cheer the guys on their 20,000 kilometer journey across 16 countries in an electric and solar-powered tuk tuk. One small step for a greener earth!
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