SmartDrive: Safety Innovation

Predictive Analytics is presenting a very interesting method for road safety development through Telematics Solutions. Such mechanism constantly collects traffic related data, such as sudden brakes, driving speed, off-course itineraries as well as other risk factors that could prove harmful to the fleet and beyond. Currently, more data streams are directed through Telematics to better calculate and predict accident probabilities.

Omnitracs’s Critical Event Reporting (CER) is a great model that applies fact-based event data to Telematics to significantly shrink high insurance costs and legal liabilities that typically makes or breaks a company. Unsafe driving behavior is minimized by preventing accidents “before they occur”. CER monitors vehicles for predefined critical scenarios and safety violations in near real time to improve risky driving patterns, enhance operational performance and prevent accidents. Vehicle operators can observe risky behaviors of other drivers as well, such as extensive driving durations without rest and associated fatigue. As fatigue triggers higher probabilities for accidents, the ability to detect and act preemptively can potentially save many lives. For this reason, the mechanism is coined SmartDrive Systems as it not only predicts accidents but also stores event related data via Telematics along with video recordings from the installed camera inside the vehicle. The predictive model is equipped with a sensor system to optimize accuracy.

From remote Houston, Fleet Analysis can monitor risky driving patterns such as sudden brakings and lane changing. Video recordings are reviewed to analyze how operators handle unexpected occurrences on the road. In events of accidents, the video analysis can be used to determine the driver’s liability as well as supporting evidence to the case. Accidents that involve operating trucks, for example, the video can illustrate if the driver followed standard operating procedures to account for blind spots before changing lanes. Camcorders to the rescue when you need one, the video can also prove fleet operator’s innocence in particular accidents that occurred as a result of sudden haphazard maneuvers deployed to avoid unforeseeable opposing object that would otherwise cause collidal harm. The feature can significantly minimize liability, if not eliminate responsibility altogether.

Thus, transportation business providers that wish to remain relevant are bound to keep up with expeditious technological advancements, Big Data and analytical capabilities to meet customer expectations, let alone exceed, and enhance competitiveness that stabilizes market position. Otherwise, see customer turnover and relinquished market share.

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