Cross border e-commerce

Cross Border E-Commerce to expand business to China

What is Cross Border E-Commerce?

Cross Border E-Commerce, one method of online trading, is prevalently popular and tends to grow continuously. According to the changes of customer behavior, some local buyers have preference to imported over local products. Therefore, Cross Border E-Commerce would be an interesting alternative to expand business with seamless border especially in China market.

Cross Border E-Commerce in China

To stimulate the transactions, Cross Border E-Commerce is established to facilitate both Chinese buyers and International sellers by providing some privileges as follows:

Table 1: Example of Conditions and Privileges for Chinese CBEC

Example of Conditions and Privileges for Chinese Cross Border E-Commerce

Logistics Models for CBEC (from Thailand to China)

Certainly, Logistics is a key factor to encourage the success of international trading. For this kind of trading, there are 3 logistics models as follows:

1. Bonded Warehouse Model or B2B2C: Importing products to China with big volumes and storing at bonded warehouse. Once, an end-user makes an order via online platform, the products would be picked, packed and delivered to the doorstep.

Bonded Warehouse Model or B2B2C

2. Direct Shipment as B2C: Storing products at warehouse in Thailand and importing to China with less volumes after receiving order from Chinese buyer (C Customer).

Direct Shipment as B2C

Moreover, for import model 1 and model 2, the document declaration of shipment, payment, and order is a must in order to gain the privileges as mentioned in Table 1.

3. Direct Shipment as Personal Use: Product flow of this model is similar to model 2 but the customs process might be less restrict, e.g. CIQ clearance is not required.

Practically, if parcel tax is less than 50 RMB, this would be exempted. If over 50 RMB, customer must pay in full amount.

Table 2: Comparison of Import Models through Chinese CBEC

Comparison of Import Models through Chinese Cross Border E-Commerce

Why CBEC by SCG Logistics?

  • One Stop Service starting from warehouse and fulfillment: Inventory could be distributed worldwide with any sales channels.
  • Service network coverage: 99% of Mainland China 
  • Single price from door-to-door 

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