FMCG Products

FMCG Products

The Supply Chain Management of FMCG products is unique because of higher inventory turnover than other products, Therefore, the competitive advantage in this business will arise from being able to access the distribution channels for consumers thoroughly and quickly so consumers have the opportunity to immediately switch to use competitors’ products to prevent consumers changing to buy products from competitors.

Therefore, the supply chain and logistics management of FMCG products is not only the speed of distribution that matters but also process management. The effective process management will lead to cost efficiency and business success.

We understand how important supply chain management for FMCG product is. Our well-designed services will be customized for each customer to ensure your business success, with our nationwide distribution network both normal transportation and temperature control transportation operated by SCG Nichirei Logistics, we are able to distribute products to local distributors or even deliver products directly to consumer front door through online distribution management of Fulfillment by SCG Logistics and SCG Express and we are also ready to give you consulting service to improve your in-house efficiency.

And for businesses that import raw materials or products or want to export your products to sell abroad to increase the opportunity for endless growth. SCG Logistics provides you import-export services total solutions to facilitate your business including assisting in expanding distribution channels to CLMV countries as well.

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