Developer & Contractor

Developer & Contractor

Developers and Contractors business, whether it is the Mega Project in both the government and private sectors or medium to small projects. These projects have a high investment from millions to trillion baht. Therefore it is necessary to receive complete, accurate materials and equipment that will help control construction costs. And must be fast, punctual, stable and not complicated in document management for smoother operations. SCG Logistics  provides nationwide transportation and international services include import-export and cross border service. And you don’t need to worry about the document or customs clearance. We have the transport management system so you can monitor the transportation status in real time. To distribute products and equipment to sites in each region with our warehouse.

Due to being a heavy industry, heavy construction materials or large machine transportation are inevitable. Therefore, high standardized transportation system is necessary which SCG Logistics has a transportation network in all regions that supports small-large products or large machinery. You can trust in our safety of the procedures, our fleet and the driver with SCG standards.

Our customize platform is helping you calculate the amount of raw materials and equipment to be used in construction projects more precisely. And another platform that gathers construction materials from all SCG partner stores nationwide like a store in order to facilitate the disbursement of various materials and equipment as required by the customer.

In terms of environmental management after the construction that has hard-to-handle waste such as rubble, cement waste or damaged equipment. We provide waste management services that can be adjusted and adapted to each business according to customer needs.

SCG Logistics also offers other services for property developers to meet the various needs of the residents, whether the storage service, move in service or fixing the house which can be adjusted as the client needs.

  • 10,000 Trucks
  • Domestic transportation , Import – Export and Cross border service
  • Warehouse
  • Supply chain visibility & E-Document
  • Construction Plan Management  (Customize)
  • Logistics service Platform
  • Waste Management
  • Total Service Platforms for Home Owner

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