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In business, having a Customer Centric mindset means taking the extra step to resolve problems for the customer and facilitate matters with the customer’s utmost convenience at heart. Customer Centric is at the heart of the innovative business model that made Amazon the number 1 operator it is today.


It’s been 12 years since Amazon launched Prime subscription. Members are entitled to free 2-Day deliveries in listed regions within the United States. Amazon has added a lot of options to the package over the years, such as same-day delivery and Prime streaming on Fire. No matter how fast the delivery, though, a minor glitch occurs when no one is home to receive the package. To turn dilemma into opportunity, Amazon started providing lockers in safe convenient stores and commercial lobby areas to hold the package for preoccupied customers. Drones, on the other hand, can deliver to a different address wherever the customers are at the time of delivery, provided close enough proximity. Accessing the locker is the easy part, says the IoT. So, it’s one step back and two steps forward. Shop away for luxury with optimum convenience and security that outshines the security guard falling asleep behind the wheel. Think it can’t possibly get any better? The magician has, yet, another innovation up the sleeves with the introduction of Smart Key and In-Home Delivery specifically for not-home customers. (Link to in-home delivery article)

Of course, the million baht question for Amazon becomes, “Why should I trust an Amazon agent to not steal anything when no one is watching?”. Recently, numerous Prime members have experienced stolen packages, says Peter Larsen, VP of Amazon’s technology. Amazon has since tried very hard to tackle the problem and come up with a new convenience, again. From now on Amazon customers can observe their parcels being delivered via smartphone in real-time, regardless of distance.

2 key apparatuses necessary to make Amazon Key work:

Smart Key : the smart key allows Amazon delivery agents to access Prime members’ home and leave the package safely inside the home. To access the home the agent scans the barcode that was created upon submitting the order on

CCTV: Amazon’s camera is connected to Alexa (link to the Alexa article), allowing the homeowner to observe the Amazon agent accessing the home and delivering the package, in real time. Most importantly, the homeowner will be alerted by any attempt to remove or tamper with the camera.

To give Amazon access to their home or to a CCTV system that can record what going on in their home at any time, trust is the determinant delta for customers to sign up for a smart key, or not. Amazon has to be able to guarantee Prime members with zero encroachment on personal privacy and run the program with utmost transparency. Access to the home as well as monitoring has to be limited to only the short window from when the agent arrives and leaves the house. In order to do so, as soon as the goods are shipped a notification alerts to the customer’s smart phone with accurate estimation of when the item is expected to arrive. The customer can view live streaming upon arrival. However, even though the customer opts for In-Home delivery, standard operating procedure dictates the delivery agent grant proper courtesy as usual by knocking on the door to anyone in the house know that an agent has arrived with a package to deliver, whether someone is actually in the house or not. This is to protect the delivery agent just as much as the family in the home. On occasions, where domestic watch dogs attack and injure the agent. Upon knocking, the procedure to deliver the package is to ajar the door as little and as slow as possible, just enough to slide the package in and avoid actually entering the home unless necessary in order to secure the package inside the home.

Discovering latent for security, the application can garner great peace of mind for Prime members. The programme can mark a new milestone in 2 areas. In terms of the territory the agent operates and for logistics automation where the customer no longer needs to allocate invaluable time and effort to accept a delivery. A beacon, also, of customers’ faith in private enterprise. Not for the technology, but rather, the leadership that steers it. The magic wand by itself is never worthy of trust. It is the integrity of the person holding it that will guide, in this case, the required infrastructure and standard operating procedures that support favorable behavior in upholding customer privacy in a transparent and systematized manner, accordingly to technological capacity, it be communicating with drivers via LINE messenger or an uberised Grab Taxi-like App, whatever meets customer needs and grows their business. Technology, for that matter, is created as a reflection of hindsight as it exists. Those seeking knowledge or employment in a field of potential can always get a degree. It is, however, only the passionate those that learn how to use, e.g., a smartphone, well that will be able to create a better one. As does Amazon, they have the customer’s perspective, i.e., first hand practical experience applying solutions in real world situations that make life easier. Passion is the key attribute recruiters look for in interviews for jobs with innovation KPIs. Customer Centric perspective lie at the heart of technological advancement and can be applied beyond transportation in all business sectors with a common objective. Customer Loyalty, ultimately.

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