2020 Global Mega Trends

   The key to sustainable development is to look beyond the horizon, in to the future. Time changes behavior, and with such, consumer preferences change accordingly. It is imperative that we learn to keep up with global trends, because accurate projections means knowing what to create now for the next wave of needs down the road, whether it be innovations, streamlined strategic operations and vital futuristic advances through sound and sustainable developments today. Let’s take a look at a couple major trends to take place half a decade from now, around 2020, and how things might unfold:

  1. E-Mobility: How nice would it be that our vehicles will no longer be oil-dependent ! As this is the generation of energy revolution, where electrically propelled vehicles replace combustible fossil-fuel based engines, and power replenishment takes place by charging up high performance rechargeable batteries with electricity. It is expected that over 40 million e-powered vehicles, both two-wheelers and four-wheelers, will be on the market worldwide by 2020.
  2. Green Concept: The more innovative the world of technology becomes the more environmentally-friendly we should be able to be, also. By 2020, the world over should be even more focused on volatile climate conditions and Green-initiatives such as comforting Green designs for commercial and residential structures with zero or close to zero carbon footprints, where eco-friendly goods and services gain become the popular choice, if not mainstream altogether.
  3. Innovative Technology: In the tech-age where most innovations are technologically induced, we should see numerous ingenious inventions and smart consumer-goods that elevate quality of life and daily conveniences for even more people, such as smart material that supports modern applications, optimized pharmaceutical manufacturing processes with advanced medical technology, as well as food manufacturing and packaging that incorporates nano-biotechnology.
  4. Healthy Society: When there’s a choice, people are inclined to take care of themselves. Thus, 2020 shall be a time for health-conscious people. Health is the major motivator behind healthy diets, for overall wellbeing and longevity. Coupled with advancements in the medical industry and extended life expectancy by the global population, 2020 truly marks an era of golden agers, which will account for 30 percent of the global population.

     Looking at the above trends, we can see that with advanced technology come major benefits, whether it be meeting our daily needs and shopping conveniences or self-healthcare in regards to diets and preventive medical advice through smartphones or client-clinical interaction mechanisms. On the same token, meantime, technology can also help us protect the environment and take preventive measurements against natural disasters that’s consequential to over utilization of natural resources and fossil-fuel consumption. However so, these trends impact future business operations, correlatingly, from production processes, services, to logistics. Perhaps, future logistics transportation will be carried out by electrical unmanned trucks with zero emissions that save lives and prevents property damages as motorway accidents decline, or, inventory operations will be ran automatedly by computerized systems that, in turn, operate robots and forklift trucks, perhaps. Technology has the ability to compensate for human-errors. How it actually pans out is to be seen, undoubtedly.

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References:  SCG Logistics Management Co., Ltd.  Newsletter 

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